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    can we all agree to just ignore Do0uWe-c-hitz? No mentions him, no one responds to him, no one even acknowledges that he exists, is in the room, has made a statement, anything … every screechy histrionic stream of babble which issues forth from his mouth can be written out ahead of time by any of us because we all know its coming and we all know his shtick – it is so predictable and pathetic it is beyond the word pathetic (is there a word beyond pathetic?)

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    Registration is done thru the County Tax Assessor’s Office, ask them them for the forms, sign, provide proof of insurance etc and they shuffle the papers.

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    "I'm not saying that these people wouldn't know irony if you put it in a sock and used it to beat them to their knees, but… well, yes I am."Maybe we oughta try doing this once or twice before you go out on a limb like that Tam.

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    My sister and I used to do the ouija and it sure seemed to work for us too. It did get kind of creepy and we also stopped using it. The one incident that stands out in my memory is that we were “speaking” with this one spirit who said its name was Seth Freeman. We talked to it for awhile, and then went downstairs to watch TV. The ending credits from the show “Lou Grant” was on. And there, rolling down the screen was “Producer Seth Freeman.”Needless to say we freaked out!

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    I was so excited to take this prenatal vitamin until I found out they put soy in it. I am wondering why? Many people (including me) do not have good reactions to soy. From what I have read, soy contributes to a wide variety of disorders. The vitamin ingredients look great, I just wish they would consider making one without soy.

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    Yup, the Amazon site crashed for a very short time on Christmas, more than likely from overload, and not all of it went down. When they brought it back up, it had reset some, not all, settings for KDP customers. Thanks for mentioning that here. No big deal, just need to get it fixed before next month.

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    I'm so glad you shared this! It is such a hard journey to become a parent and it isn't as easy as the movies. I'm so glad you have your two boys! Sounds like they have a great momma…happy birthday to your little man!

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